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S0-09 Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

S0-09 – Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

“Explosion – The Ultimate Secret Yo-Yo Technique”
“Sakuretsu – Yō-Yō Kyūkyoku no Higi” (炸裂ヨーヨー 究極の秘技)
Aired JAPAN: May 30, 1998

In an alley, a man is being chased by a gang, who have yo-yos. One of the gang members wraps their yo-yo around the man’s legs, causing him to trip and fall. The gang approaches the man, who pleads to the gang to stop. However, the yo-yo is whipped at the man, who screams out for help.

At school, Jounouchi has shown his friends the Miracle Yo-yo. Jounouchi explains it’s the biggest item on the street. Anzu wonders if something that old could be really popular. Yuugi replies it’s been really cheap lately. Jounouchi decides to show off his tricks. First up is Long Sleeper, which consists of the yo-yo spinning in mid-air. Jounouchi then places the yo-yo on the ground while it’s still spinning. The next trick he performs is Walk the Dog. Miho thinks it’s really cute, but Anzu doesn’t think the trick is too special. Anzu’s comment makes Jounouchi mad. He performs the Loop to Loop trick. He wildly spins his arms with the yo-yo and nearly hits everyone.

ScreenShot: 9: Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

Honda appears and tells Jounouchi to not use the yo-yo at school. Jounouchi thinks Honda wouldn’t be able to understand the true value of yo-yos. Miho, however, wants to try out the yo-yo for herself. This shocks Honda. He can’t believe Miho would try something “dangerous”. Honda imagines Miho using the yo-yo and then getting bumped in the head with it. He pleads to Miho not to use the yo-yo, stating it’s too dangerous. Jounouchi thinks Honda is the dangerous one. Anzu thinks Honda is partially right about the yo-yos. She tells the story about the gang with a yo-yo. The gang steals people’s money, and they use the yo-yo to attack innocent people. Apparently, many of the school’s students have fallen victim to the gang. Yuugi and Jounouchi are a bit shocked by it. Yuugi says a yo-yo isn’t a tool for hurting people. Jounouchi agrees; he wants to punish the gang.

ScreenShot: 9: Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

At night, Yuugi is at his house thinking about the gang. Yuugi assumes Jounouchi is really going to confront the gang. He worries about Jounouchi’s safety.

The next day, Honda is shocked to see Jounouchi absent from school. Jounouchi’s health is suppose to be his good point. Miho adds in that it’s Jounouchi’s first time being absent. Yuugi asks Honda if he’s heard anything. Honda says Jounouchi hasn’t contacted the school. Yuugi wonders if Jounouchi’s disappearance is linked with the gang. Honda thinks they should check out Jounouchi’s house after school.

After school, Yuugi and his friends walk towards Jounouchi’s house. Honda says he knew Jounouchi from middle school. They finally arrive at an apartment. Honda remembers Jounouchi’s room being the first on the third floor. The group arrives at Room 301, and Honda knocks on the door. No one answers the door. Miho opens the door and notices it’s not locked. Honda tells Miho they shouldn’t enter someone’s home without permission. Miho says they will just be taking a peek. Everyone peeks through the door. Suddenly, a beer bottle is thrown at them. It hits the door and smashes into pieces. An angry tenant yells at them. Yuugi and the others freak out and run off.

Yuugi, Honda, Anzu and Miho catch their breath at a nearby park. Honda explains it was Jounouchi’s dad. From what Honda has heard, his dad has always been that way. That’s why Jounouchi never invites his friends over. Honda then wonders why Jounouchi wasn’t in the room. Yuugi thinks they should search some more.

Yuugi and his friends walk through the streets of town; however, they cannot find him anywhere. Yuugi begins to worry. Honda can’t believe this. He thought Jounouchi got better when he entered high school. Anzu wonders what Jounouchi was like in middle school. Suddenly, the group hears something, and they walk into an alley. They see a man being beaten up by the gang with a yo-yo. Honda notices the gang wearing Rintama uniforms. Suddenly, Yuugi sees Jounouchi in one of the uniforms! Everyone is shocked. One of the gang members steals the man’s money and knocks him to the ground. Then he places his arm around Jounouchi’s neck, and the gang begins to walk away. The one gang member says they will show Jounouchi to their usual hangout, J’z.

ScreenShot: 9: Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

Yuugi yells out for Jounouchi. Jounouchi turns around and sees Yuugi and the others. Yuugi asks why he missed school and why he’s with the gang. One of the gang members asks Jounouchi if he knows who they are. Jounouchi says no. Suddenly, one of the gang members tells Jounouchi he’s really calmed down. Honda recognizes that guy from middle school. He apparently hunged out with Jounouchi. His name is Hirotani. Hirotani thinks Jounouchi should come with him to Rinotama and not hang out with Yuugi. Yuugi exclaims no. He wants Jounouchi to come back with him. One of the gang members is tired of Yuugi’s whining. He punches Yuugi right in the face, and Yuugi falls to the ground. Honda and Anzu run to Yuugi’s side. The gang members tell Yuugi and his friends to go away. Jounouchi doesn’t do anything to protect Yuugi. He just stands there with his back turned to his “friends”. Anzu yells at Jounouchi, but Jounouchi doesn’t say anything. The gang takes off with Jounouchi, laughing.

Anzu places a wet handkerchief on Yuugi’s face. Yuugi thanks Anzu. Miho thinks the whole thing was surprising. Yuugi doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t understand how Jounouchi could be friends with the gang members. Honda says those were his old friends. Honda explains how Jounouchi would always fight in middle school. He was pretty bad back then. The leader was Hirotani, who confronted Jounouchi moments ago. Honda thought Jounouchi stopped his fighting upon entering high school. He doesn’t understand why Jounouchi would go back now.

Yuugi remembers the time when he became Jounouchi’s friend, thanks to the Millenium Puzzle. He recalls the good times he’s had with Jounouchi. Suddenly, Yuugi exclaims Jounouchi hasn’t changed. Honda agrees. To him, Jounouchi has always been rotten. It’s best to just leave him alone. Then Honda decides to leave.

At night, the Rintama gang and another gang approach each other. The other gang says they will defeat Rintama and take over the town. Hirotani disagrees. He takes out his yo-yo. Jounouchi mentions a person should use their fists in a fight. Hirotani decides to leave the fight up to Jounouchi. He wants to see the power of Jounouchi’s fists. The members of the other gang charge towards the Rintama gang. Jounouchi opens his eyes with an angry look on his face.

ScreenShot: 9: Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

Meanwhile, Yuugi and his friends have gone to J’z, the gang’s usual gathering spot. Miho is scared. Yuugi insists they can’t leave Jounouchi like this. Suddenly, Honda appears with a band over his body. He walks past Yuugi, Anzu and Miho and up to the entrance of J’z. Honda tells himself he’s the only one who can save Jounouchi. Before Honda enters, Anzu calls out to him. Honda gets startled. Anzu thinks Honda is worried about Jounouchi. Honda tries to keep his cool by saying he just wants to do a good deed. Yuugi points to Honda’s band. Honda says it’s a secret. Then Miho says she wants to know too. Honda turns towards Miho and explains. Two years ago, he and Jounouchi entered a tournament. Their team was in last place, but Honda managed to run quickly and get their team in second. Then Honda passed the band to Jounouchi. Jounouchi sprinted his way through the finish line and managed to get first place. The band is a symbol of their friendship.

Yuugi, Anzu and Miho are impressed by Honda’s story. Honda hopes the band will bring Jounouchi to his senses. Then the group decides to enter J’z.

Jounouchi has managed to beat up the entire other gang with his fists. Hirotani is impressed with Jounouchi’s skills.

Yuugi and his friends have entered J’z, which happens to be a restaurant. The store employee thinks the Rintama gang are in a fight somewhere. If not, they may be in the warehouses out of town. The store employee asks if they are from Domino High School. Yuugi and his friends say yes. The employee thinks they should then stay away from Rintama. He says a student from Domino High was forced to join them. Yuugi and Honda look at each other. They know it was Jounouchi. Yuugi says Jounouchi is in the gang against his own will. Honda agrees. He decides to make up a story for the girls. He tells Anzu and Miho that Jounouchi is just hanging out with his old friends. Miho thinks Jounouchi will come back to school the next day. Anzu says Jounouchi will come along and swing his yo-yo again.

Meanwhile, the Rintama gang are at the warehouses. One of the members tells Hirotani that they have nothing to fear now that Jounouchi is with them. Hirotani agrees. Suddenly, someone calls out for Jounouchi. The gang looks ahead, and they see Yuugi and Honda. Yuugi tells Jounouchi that they heard about him joining Rintama against his will. Jounouchi stands up and tells Yuugi he’s here by his own will. He’s fed up with classes and rules binding him down – and with pretending to be Yuugi’s friend! Jounouchi wants to do what he wants now. Honda holds out his band at Jounouchi. Jounouchi takes the band and drops it to the ground. Then he steps on it. Honda, angry with Jounouchi, aims a punch at him. Jounouchi dodges it and punches Honda in the stomach.

Hirotani laughs, saying Jounouchi is not apart of them anymore. Then the Rintama gang walks away, including Jounouchi.

The next day, the Rintama gang are outside their school. They don’t think there are any other groups that can top them. Hirotani agrees. Suddenly, Yuugi and Honda hop the fence and appear in front of the Rintama gang. Honda challenges Hirotani. Hirotani is already getting fed up with Honda. Honda says if he wins, he wants Hirotani to let Jounouchi go. Hirotani accepts the challenge. He takes out his yo-yo and decides to use Honda to kill some free time. Honda gets out a broom as a weapon. A bunch of spikes pop out from Hirotani’s yo-yo, and their fight begins.

Hirotani swings his yo-yo at Honda. The yo-yo ends up splitting the broom in two pieces. Then Hirotani uses his knee to hit Honda in the stomach. Honda falls to the ground. Hirotani is ready to deliver the final blow. He swings his yo-yo at Honda again. Yuugi jumps in to save Honda. The yo-yo ends up hitting Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle, which deflects the yo-yo right back at Hirotani. The yo-yo hits Hirotani’s face, leaving a line of blood in its place.

ScreenShot: 9: Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

Hirotani is completely mad now. He approaches Yuugi, who is at Honda’s side. Hirotani says this is unforgivable. Yuugi is tied up, and the Rintama gang members take turns punching him. Yuugi calls out for someone to save him. Suddenly, Jounouchi kicks open the door and approaches Yuugi and the Rintama gamg. He tells Yuugi to leave him alone. Now he will make the final blow. Jounouchi aims his yo-yo at Yuugi. He swings it out, but the yo-yo makes a turn and ends up hitting one of the Rintama gamg members. Hirotani wonders what Jounouchi is doing. Jounouchi says Hirotani broke his promise. If he were to join the gang, Rintama was suppose to keep their hands off his friends. Yuugi is glad that Jounouchi is back.

Jounouchi asks Hirotani to release Yuugi. Hirotani refuses. Because Jounouchi hit one of Hirotani’s friends, Hirotani wants to bring Jounouchi down. Jounouchi yells at Hirotani. Hirotani is pleased to see the angry side of Jounouchi. But Jounouchi is a fool to stand up against him. Hirotani and his friends surround Jounouchi. They begin to swing their yo-yos out at Jounouchi, so that if Jounouchi takes one step forward, he will get hit by one. However, Jounouchi doesn’t care. He moves forward, enduring the yo-yos. Jounouchi has one goal in mind: to save Yuugi. Hirotani decides to give the final blow. He swings his yo-yo straight at Jounouchi. Jounouchi uses his own yo-yo to deflect the attack right towards Yuugi. The yo-yo cuts the ropes, and Yuugi is set free.

Jounouchi laughs at the fact that Hirotani’s yo-yo does have a use. Suddenly, one of the gang members approaches Jounouchi from behind and pounds him to the ground. At that moment, Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle activates, and Yami Yuugi appears. Yuugi uses the hook in which he was tied on to take him up to the warehouse balcony. Yuugi says thanks and then begins to run away. Hirotani orders the gang members to chase after him. They search the entire warehouse for him, and finally they see him on the roof. The gang members all corner Yuugi on the roof. Yuugi takes out his yo-yo and shows off some skill.

It’s game time. Yuugi explains the one rule: the last one standing is the winner. The four gang members accept Yuugi’s challenge. Meanwhile, Jounouchi and Hirotani face each other. Jounouchi wants to settle things with Hirotani right now. Hirotani remembers Jounouchi saying those words back in middle school. Jounouchi says back then, Hirotani wasn’t as bad. At the roof, the gang members fire their yo-yos at Yuugi. Yuugi dodges all the attacks and prepares for his own attack. Back inside the warehouse, Hirotani fires a punch at Jounouchi. Jounouchi dodges the attack and punches Hirotani in the face. Hirotani falls back into the wall. Jounouchi thinks Hirotani has gotten pretty weak. Hirotani slowly gets up. He takes a piece of glass and punches it with his fist. Then he takes the shattered pieces and throws them at Jounouchi. Jounouchi tries to turn away quickly, but he ends up getting blinded by the attack.

At the roof, Yuugi is finally at the edge. The gang members have Yuugi completely cornered off, leaving Yuugi no place to run. One of the members asks Yuugi what he wants: a falling or a hit by their yo-yos. Yuugi says the roof is pretty old. Yo-yos can even puncture a hole in it. The gang members look around them and see holes around them. The holes were caused from the gang’s yo-yos. Suddenly, the roof breaks, and the gang falls down.

ScreenShot: 9: Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style

Meanwhile, Jounouchi is still blinded by Hirotani’s attack. Jounouchi wonders where Hirotani is at. Hirotani steps on a piece of glass. The sound of the glass gives Jounouchi a clue, and Jounouchi punches Hirotani in the face again. Both boys fall off the balcony. Hirotani manages to hold onto the ledge of the balcony. Honda takes his band and throws it up on the hook. Jounouchi catches the band and swings back up to the balcony. Jounouchi takes out his yo-yo and prepares to his final trick: Walk the Dog. The yo-yo hits Hirotani’s hand, and Hirotani falls to the ground. Jounouchi is glad that Honda saved him. Yuugi walks up to Honda. Yuugi reminds Honda about him saying that Jounouchi didn’t change.

Back at school, Jounouchi decides to show a new yo-yo trick to his friends. Yuugi and Miho are excited to see it, but Anzu has a bad feeling. Jounouchi introduces his new trick, Special Look in the Sky. Jounouchi wildly swings the yo-yo around him. The yo-yo causes some wind, which lifts up the skirts of Anzu and Miho. Both girls are angry at Jounouchi, who claims he didn’t do it on purpose.

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