YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-10 A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

Season 0-10 – A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

“The Pressing Beautiful Teacher – The Secret Mask”
“Semaru Bijin Kyōshi – Himitsu no Kari” (迫る美人教師 秘密の仮)
Aired JAPAN: June 6, 1998

It’s a bright and sunny school day at Domino High School. A teacher named Chouno walks towards the school, and some of the students greet her. Anzu and Miho notice Chouno walking into the school. Miho comments on how beautiful Chouno looks. Suddenly, Chouno stops a student. She points to a keychain on the student’s bag. The student says it’s her mascot. Chouno replies it’s against the school rules, and she takes it off the bag. Chouno keeps the keychain and walks away. Anzu thinks Chouno is very strict with the rules. Miho says teachers are suppose to be strict, but Anzu says Chouno has been trying to make them even more strict. There are even rumors that Chouno has been making proposals.

A student calls out for Anzu and Miho. Anzu knows the student as Mayumi, and she greets her. Mayumi says she needs some advice.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

Inside the school, Chouno throws the keychain in the garbage. She then asks the vice principal about her proposal. The vice principal questions that. Chouno reminds him that she wants to ban all personal items and make penalties even greater for those who do break the rules. The vice principal says there’s more to discuss. Suddenly, Chouno reaches over towards the vice principal and fixes his tie. She insists that the teachers be more strict with students. The vice principal finally decides to mention it at the upcoming meeting. Then he asks Chouno about a marriage interview she is attending. Chouno tells him her mother is making a big deal out of it. Then Chouno walks away. As she heads off, the vice principal blushes, wishing Chouno had a marriage interview with him.

Anzu screams out the word “Jounouchi”, but Miho quickly puts her hand over Anzu’s mouth. Mayumi tells Anzu her voice is too loud. Anzu let’s Miho’s hand go and says she gets it. The three girls watch Jounouchi and Honda fight again. Honda exclaims that Jounouchi skipped his cleaning duties again. Jounouchi begs Honda to forgive him, since he had something to do. Anzu asks Mayumi what she likes about him. Miho says Anzu shouldn’t say things like that. Love doesn’t need a reason! Mayumi wonders what kinds of things Jounouchi likes. Anzu and Miho question her. Mayumi wants to give Jounouchi a present. Miho mentions Jounouchi and Honda always talk about lewd videos. Mayumi exclaims she cannot give that to him.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

Meanwhile, Honda grabs onto Jounouchi’s shirt. Yuugi tells Honda to stop because Jounouchi is sorry. Honda tells Yuugi to be quiet. How is Jounouchi sorry? Suddenly, Anzu calls out for Yuugi. She asks him to come over. Jounouchi and Honda begin to walk over too, but Anzu tells them that they aren’t needed. Anzu asks Yuugi what Jounouchi likes. Yuugi thinks for a moment and states Jounouchi would like lewd videos! Anzu tells Yuugi it has to be something a girl can give as a present. Yuugi wonders if Anzu is the one giving it. Anzu says she’s not, but Mayumi is. Mayumi begins to worry, but Anzu assures her Yuugi will keep it a secret. Yuugi agrees. He thinks for a moment and says Jounouchi likes games. So maybe Mayumi can get something from his Grandpa’s shop. The three girls and Yuugi decide to check out the game shop after school.

When they arrive at the game shop, Grandpa thinks about their request. Mayumi asks Anzu about Grandpa, and Anzu says they can trust him. Grandpa suddenly thinks of something. He searches one of his boxes from the top shelf, and a bunch of dust emerges from it. Miho wonders if this is a good idea. Anzu thinks everything will be okay. Grandpa eventually finds the box he was looking for. He blows on it, and a huge cloud of dust appears. Grandpa sets the box on the counter and opens the lid. Inside is a jigsaw puzzle, but it is blank! Grandpa says to send your feelings to the other person in pieces. Then the person will put together the puzzle and the message will be formed. Mayumi thinks it’s a great present and a romantic one too. She definitely wants to buy it. Then Mayumi wonders what kind of message she should put on it. Grandpa tells her to think about it because tomorrow is Sunday.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

Chouno is with a man, ready to start the marriage interview. The man can’t believe he’s going to have a marriage interview with a woman like Chouno. Chouno secretly wants the man to praise her beauty even more. The man knows Chouno is a high school teacher; she must be a beautiful teacher there. Chouno secretly says of course, but she wants the man to come up with better compliments. Suddenly, a boy starts skipping on some rocks. He accidentally bumps into Chouno and falls. Chouno gets angry at the fact the boy might get her kimono dirty. She thinks children are brats these days. The boy starts to cry, and he runs away. Chouno smiles, thinking it’s a problem when children are not raised properly. The man thinks Chouno is very different from what he imagined. Chouno turns around, questioning the man’s thought.

At school, Miho asks Mayumi if she wrote a message on the puzzle. Mayumi says yes, and she pulls it out of her bag. The puzzle is wrapped up in some nice wrapping paper. Anzu asks what they do now. Miho thinks they should leave it in Jounouchi’s desk. Anzu thinks if Jounouchi finds it, he may just start working on it in front of everyone. Yuugi says he’ll bring Jounouchi to the roof if he starts doing that. The three girls all think it’s a good idea, and they place the present in Jounouchi’s desk.

Chouno walks into the vice principal’s office and greets him. The vice principal reports that the school rules proposal is going well. Chouno is glad to hear that. Then the vice principal asks how her marriage interview went. Chouno says the man would have been a waste to her. Then she excuses herself. Chouno walks into the bathroom and punches the mirror. Parts of the mirror shatter, and the glass falls into the sink. She’s angry about how the vice principal is inquiring about her marriage arrangements. Then Chouno kicks the trash can against the wall. She makes a few angry remarks until she suddenly realizes that her face is lacking make-up. She reaches into her purse for her things and fixes herself up.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

The bell rings; everyone has taken their seat. Anzu notices Jounouchi isn’t in class. Miho wonders if he’s absent. Suddenly, Jounouchi comes rushing into the room, relieved that he made it. Miho and Mayumi are glad to see him there. Honda tells him to hurry and take a seat before their teacher comes. Honda takes a seat and states he was up all night watching videos. Chouno walks into the classroom, and everyone follows their procedures to greet her. Then Chouno tells everyone to take out their textbook. Jounouchi says he keeps his textbook in his desk year around. He reaches into his desk and notices Mayumi’s present. Jounouchi takes it out, wondering what it is. Anzu quietly tells Jounouchi to hide it. But it’s too late. Chouno asks Jounouchi what he’s doing. She takes the present from Jounouchi, assuming it’s his lunch. The class laughs. Jounouchi says it’s not his. Someone must have put it there by accident.

Chouno walks to the front of the room with the present. She reminds everyone not to bring things into the room that are not related to class. She then asks Jounouchi again what it is. Jounouchi insists he doesn’t know. So, Chouno opens the present with force and out falls the jigsaw puzzle pieces. She begins to put the puzzle pieces together. Chouno notices the pieces spell out a message. She begins to read it and sees that it spells out a confession. Chouno states that it’s against school rules to have such a thing. She asks the class who owns it. Anzu stands up and tells Chouno to stop. Anzu says it’s cruel to read other people’s letters. Chouno replies that as a teacher, she must know who brought it to school. By completing the puzzle, she will find the person’s name. Before Chouno can complete anymore of the puzzle, Anzu admits that it’s hers. Chouno tells Anzu to go to the advisor room when class is over.

In the advisor room, Chouno and Anzu have a conversation. Chouno has the puzzle out on the desk. She tells Anzu that she shouldn’t bring these things to school. Anzu doesn’t think it’s a bad thing because it wasn’t used to bother anyone. Chouno says rules and distractions are the same thing. Anzu thinks the rules are too strict. She gives an example about how banning part time jobs for students would be disruptive. Chouno asks if the other students think the same way. Anzu thinks they do. Chouno wants Anzu to prove it by gathering signatures. If Anzu can get enough signatures, the rules will be revised. Anzu agrees to this.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

Anzu exits the advisor room and meets up with Yuugi, Miho and Mayumi. They all ask Anzu how it went. Anzu has a smile on her face. She gives the puzzle back to Mayumi. Mayumi is surprised Chouno gave it back. Then Anzu says she has a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, Chouno is having a discussion with the higher staff. She tells the staff that Anzu is very threatening and shows no signs of remorse. One of the staff members doesn’t believe Anzu is like that. However, Chouno insists that Anzu is trying to get the rules appealed; she must be up to something! The staff members begin to think about what Chouno is saying.

Anzu is putting up posters on the school’s bulletin boards. Yuugi can’t believe Anzu is really doing this. Anzu says she will be free to work if the rules are revised. She asks everyone what they think. Jounouchi sort of agrees with Anzu. Anzu holds out a clipboard to Jounouchi and asks for his signature. Yuugi wants to help, so Anzu tells him to hang a poster on the west tower. Yuugi accepts the task and runs off. Anzu thanks him, and Yuugi blushes.

Suddenly, a bunch of flaming comments such as “Stupid” and “I’m against rules revision” are marked all over Anzu’s posters. Anzu decides to just redo it. Jounouchi wonders if it’s harrassment. Anzu thinks there are some students that must want the rules changed.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

During class, the teacher has Anzu up on the board solving a math problem. Anzu says they haven’t learned the topic yet. The teacher angrily tells Anzu that she’d know if she prepared for the lesson. After class, Anzu and Yuugi continue to ask students for their signatures. Jounouchi, Honda and Miho notice that Anzu is working hard. They hope she can get enough. Chouno walks up to Anzu and asks how it’s going. She looks at Anzu’s clipboard and finds out Anzu hasn’t obtained any signatures. Anzu says she just started. Chouno walks away, thinking Anzu won’t get any signatures at all.

After school, Yuugi, Jounouchi, Anzu and Miho walk home from school. Anzu hopes that more people will be brave and sign up. Miho tells Anzu about the rumors. Students who have signed up for the rules revision have been targeted by teachers. Anzu doesn’t think that’s true. She hopes the teachers will change their minds when she has gathered enough signatures.

The next day of school, Anzu and Yuugi stand outside the school’s entrance in hope to gather signatures. However, students just walk by, ignoring Anzu and Yuugi. Jounouchi notices they both have been working very hard. Honda agrees. Suddenly, three students crowd around Anzu and Yuugi. Anzu asks for their signatures. The three students think the rules are fine the way they are. No one will bother signing it! It will only make the teachers target Anzu more. Anzu tells the students to get out of her way. One of the students takes the clipboard out of Anzu’s hands. He notices that Anzu hasn’t received one signature. Yuugi tries to help Anzu, but another student pushes him to the ground. The student who has the clipboard takes the paper from it and rips the paper in half. Suddenly, Jounouchi appears at the scene. He tackles one of the students to the ground and punches him.

Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu appear in Chouno’s office. Chouno explains that violence is a major rule violation. Jounouchi insists it was their fault, and Chouno says Jounouchi was the one who punched first. Anzu states it’s not Jounouchi’s fault. Chouno agrees, since Anzu was the cause of all this. Chouno knows the students are opposing Anzu’s proposal to change the rules. She wonders if Anzu could get expelled. The word “expelled” shocks Yuugi. After the discussion, Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu walk out of the office. The three students that were taunting Anzu then head into Chouno’s office for a talk. Chouno tells everyone that she will let the staff decide on a punishment. Jounouchi angrily walks away. Anzu wonders why this is happening. All she wanted was the rules to be lightened up a bit. Then Anzu walks away, and Miho follows her.

Chouno begins conversation with the three students. She compliments them for their good work. The three students are pleased; they can’t resist a request from Chouno. Chouno agrees to erase all rule-breaking incidents from the students’ records. One student asks if they can leave. Chouno says yes, but she wants the students to not break anymore rules. Yuugi, who has been eavesdropping, is shocked at what he has heard. Suddenly, his Millenium Puzzle activates.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

Chouno is walking down the hallway, hoping to make the rules stricter than before. Suddenly, she sees a shadow of someone. It’s Yami Yuugi! Yuugi says it’s game time. Chouno has no idea what Yuugi is talking about. Yuugi says if he wins, then Anzu doesn’t get punished. Chouno says she doesn’t have time to play with him. Yuugi then says if he loses, he will keep quiet of her using the three students to interfere. Plus, he will do anything she says. Chouno becomes more interested in Yuugi’s challenge. She plans on using this opportunity to expel Yuugi.

Yuugi explains the game is a jigsaw puzzle. He throws two mirrors into the air. One mirror shatters in front of Yuugi, and the other shatters in front of Chouno. Yuugi explains the rules. Whoever can solve the puzzle first wins. However, each player has to wear a blindfold while solving the puzzle. So Yuugi and Chono each put on a blindfold and the game begins. Chouno begins to feel the pieces, but the sharp edges distract her. Yuugi hands her a pair of gloves to put on. He tells Chouno to be careful because it’s a dangerous game. With the gloves on, Chouno has an easier time with putting together the pieces.

Chouno thinks Yuugi is stupid. She decides to take off her blindfold. Because Yuugi still has his blindfold on, he will never know hers is off! Yuugi then mentions that they are playing a Shadow Game. Chouno asks what that is. Yuugi says if she breaks the rules, punishment awaits her. Chouno doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. She continues to solve her puzzle. Yuugi says he already has half his puzzle complete. Chouno pretends to be losing, even though she’s almost done. Chouno holds up the last piece and claims her victory. She places it in the puzzle and completes it. Yuugi states the door of darkness has been opened. Chouno used her position to hurt Anzu. She wears the mask of a teacher, but under that mask is Chouno’s true ugly self! Chouno’s face begins to turn into a jigsaw puzzle! Then the pieces to the puzzle fall, and Chouno’s face turns old and wrinkly. Chouno looks in the mirror and screams in horror. She covers her face with her hands and runs out of the room.

ScreenShot: 10: A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face

Jounouchi realizes Chouno hasn’t said anything lately. He wonders if they are out of trouble. Honda thinks Chouno was quite unreasonable. Jounouchi then asks Anzu what that jigsaw puzzle from class was all about. Anzu tells him it was just a prank. Miho whispers to Anzu that Mayumi confessed to a sophomore student. They can’t tell Jounouchi now that Mayumi likes someone else. Anzu is fine with that. Meanwhile, Chouno is busy putting her make-up on. The vice principal walks in and asks if she’s okay with the rule revision proposal. Chouno exclaims the rules definitely need to be stricter. As soon as she says that, a part of her face cracks. Chouno sees this and runs off with her make-up. One staff member thinks Chouno wears too much make-up. The vice principal agrees. Chouno is in the bathroom pondering of why her make-up hasn’t been working lately.

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