YuGiOh! Anime Season 0

S0-12 A Great Lucky Man, An Unbeatable Legend

Season 0-12 – A Great Lucky Man, An Unbeatable Legend

“The Extremely Lucky Enemy – The Invincible Legend”
“Kyōun o Yobu Teki – Fuhai no Shinwa” (強運を呼ぶ敵 不敗の神話)
Aired JAPAN: June 20, 1998

The episode starts off with a host presenting a Game Show. The host introduces today’s challenger, Sagara Naoki. He’s going to be facing off the champion, Fuwa Ryuichi, who has seven consecutive wins. If Fuwa can win again, he will obtain 80,000 yen (about 881 USD). Today’s game is electric roulette. Each player will press the switch. The one with the higher number wins. The challenger starts first. There are 36 numbers on the roulette board. The challenger presses the button, and he gets a 35. The host announces Sagara had an amazing shot. The champion has little chance of beating that! Now it’s the champion’s turn. He presses the button and gets a 36. The champion wins again. The host wonders if there’s anyone out there that can beat the champion. Fuwa says only a god or alien can beat him because a normal human sure can’t do it.

At school, Jounouchi asks his friends if they saw the prize from last night’s game show. Yuugi thinks the champion is amazing. Anzu says the prize will keep on getting bigger the more times he wins. Jounouchi exclaims the first week was 10,000 yen, and the second week was 20,000 yen. If he wins on the tenth week, he’ll acculmulate 100,000 yen (about 1,102 USD)! Miho also thinks the champion is amazing. She wonders how much he’s won all together. Honda tells Miho that she must not fall for him. He says if this guy keeps on getting money, he’ll be driven out of society. Then all that’s left is to commit suicide. Jounouchi picks up a fight with Honda for talking too much. It’s 100,000 yen! With that money, Jounouchi can pay back the debt from his stupid father’s habits. Then he can run away and start a new life. Anzu asks him if his life is really like that. Jounouchi covers his mouth. He didn’t mean to spill it all out loud. Honda knows Jounouchi has paid for his education and living expenses ever since elementary school. Jounouchi says yes, but he’s not like anyone else who leeches onto their parents for money.

ScreenShot: 12: A Great Lucky Man, An Unbeatable Legend

The teacher walks in, and everyone takes their seats. He introduces the class to a new student, Fuwa Ryuichi! Jounouchi immediately recognizes him as the game champion. Everyone is excited to see him. Fuwa firmly says he doesn’t give out signatures. Then he tells the girls that he knows he’s handsome, but he has no interest in “kids”. Miho smiles, thinking Fuwa is cool. Honda sees the expression on Miho’s face and gets a little angry with Fuwa. The teacher looks for an empty seat in the classroom. Fuwa finds one and throws his bag there. It’s a seat right next to Yuugi. The teacher says it’s his job to decide where Fuwa sits, but Fuwa ignores him. He takes out a coin and says it’s game time. He will flip the coin, and the teacher will call heads or tails. If the teacher wins, he Fuwa will sit where the teacher wants, and the teacher can keep the coin. So, Fuwa flips the coin, and the teacher calls heads. However, it’s tails, and Fuwa takes his seat. Yuugi introduces himself to Fuwa.

After class, a group of students crowd around Fuwa. Miho asks Fuwa if he can meet actors because of his fame. Fuwa says yes, but he has no interest in them. The students all think Fuwa is amazing because he can get 100,000 yen in one week. Miho asks how much he’s won so far. Fuwa has no idea, since he spends it all right away. Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu are sitting on the sidelines. Honda wonders what Miho sees in this guy. Anzu wants to hit Fuwa from the behind. Honda pokes Jounouchi to say something, but Jounouchi remains silent. One of the students tells Fuwa he wants to appear on the show. He asks Fuwa how he keeps on winning. Fuwa uses the analogy that lions are strong because they are born strong. It’s no different when it comes to winning games. Those that are born strong are just strong.

Suddenly, a student runs into the classroom stating they have a test next class with no prior warning. Everyone begins to complain as they take out their textbooks for a quick study. Yuugi sighs. Even if he does try to study, he knows he won’t do good on the test. Fuwa flips to a certain page in Yuugi’s textbook and tells him to study just that. Yuugi’s guaranteed to succeed if he does. When class begins, the teacher asks if the test forms have been passed out to everyone. Everyone says yes, and the test begins. Yuugi looks at the test and is surprised. What Fuwa told him was all true! Yuugi thinks Fuwa is truly amazing. Fuwa snickers and turns in his test to the teacher. The teacher takes the test and looks at it. It’s blank! The teacher scolds Fuwa for turning in a blank test. Fuwa tells her that he doesn’t need to waste his life over a test. The teacher yells at Fuwa to stop, but Fuwa doesn’t listen. He tells her that her makeup is off, and then he walks out of the room.

The bell rings; school is over. While walking, Miho grabs Fuwa’s arm, thinking they both are very alike. Honda doesn’t like Fuwa very much. He then notices that Jounouchi has been scowling at Fuwa since the beginning of school. That means Jounouchi will probably lose it soon! Miho approaches Fuwa again. Suddenly, Fuwa turns around and points to a nearby restaurant. He tells everyone that he will treat. Yuugi thinks the place looks expensive, but Fuwa doesn’t mind.

When they enter the restaurant, the owner bangs on a gong. He happily tells Fuwa that he’s the ten-thousandth person to come to the restaurant since the beginning. All the food and drinks are free. Miho is amazed at their luck. Yuugi and the gang have been seated at the table. Fuwa tells everyone to eat up. Everyone but Jounouchi starts to eat. Honda notices Jounouchi is still giving a glare at Fuwa. He thinks Jounouchi will lose it and punch Fuwa hard.

After their meal, the gang heads outside. They see a few people playing a game and trying to win the big prize. Miho thinks they should play since they have tickets. Fuwa challenges Yuugi to a duel. The one to get the big prize wins. The loser will then have to do whatever the winner says. Yuugi hesitates but agrees. He spins the wheel to the game, but only a small prize comes out. Then Fuwa spins the wheel. The golden prize comes out! The game manager rings a bell and shouts out Fuwa won a trip to Italy.

Fuwa holds up his ticket to Yuugi. Yuugi laughs it off, saying he can’t apparently beat him. Miho can’t believe someone like Fuwa even exists! Jounouchi can’t take it anymore. Honda thinks Jounouchi is at his peak and is about to beat up Fuwa. Jounouchi confronts Fuwa. He drops down to his knees and begs Fuwa to take him as his pupil. Honda can’t believe what he has heard. Jounouchi wasn’t glaring at Fuwa; he was admiring him! Fuwa laughs hard. He then tells Yuugi to keep his promise about earlier. Then Fuwa walks off.

Some children are seen playing. They suddenly stop as Fuwa walks past them, recognizing Fuwa from somewhere. Even though he got rejected, Jounouchi isn’t planning on giving up. He wants good luck just like Fuwa, so he can pay off his father’s debt. The children recognize Fuwa from the Game Show, and they run off to get his autograph. Fuwa crosses a street. The children, not looking both ways, also cross the street. A car almost hits the children, sending them in a state of shock. They cry and reach out for Fuwa. Fuwa turns around and says he doesn’t want to deal with unlucky people, otherwise he may get unlucky himself. Then he continues to walk away.

Jounouchi runs over to make sure the children are okay. A limousine pulls up next to Fuwa. The man inside tells Fuwa to come with him; Kaiba has called him for something.

At Kaiba’s mansion, Kaiba welcomes Fuwa. Fuwa tells Kaiba he followed his orders of transferring to Domino High School. However, he doesn’t know what’s so special about Yuugi. Kaiba explains Yuugi has another side to him. Fuwa mentions he has a rare amount of luck. He walks over to a case carrying a gun and punches in the combination with ease. The case opens, and Fuwa takes the gun out. Fuwa notices the gun is loaded but suspects it’s still a toy gun. He points the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Fuwa is in fact correct. Fuwa then sets the gun down and states he wants a life-or-death duel. Kaiba says that Yuugi’s other form can provide that. All Fuwa has to do is draw the other Yuugi out, and they can duel at a set location. Fuwa is interested.

Jounouchi can’t believe it. No matter how lucky Fuwa is, he is still horrible as a human. Miho asks who he’s talking about. Jounouchi says Fuwa. Honda is glad that Jounouchi is finally waking up and rests his arm around Jounouchi’s shoulder. Miho thinks Fuwa sounds very nice. She asks for Anzu’s opinion. Anzu agrees with Miho. She especially liked the food from yesterday’s meal. This gets Jounouchi a little mad. Changing the subject, Honda mentions Yuugi is late today. Anzu tells him that Yuugi isn’t coming since he agreed to have a game with Fuwa.

Yuugi and Fuwa are in a secluded room playing billiards. Fuwa breaks, and some of the balls hit Yuugi. Yuugi doesn’t like the game and thinks they should stop. Fuwa disagrees, thinking the game is great. The purpose of the game is to hit balls at each other. The player that hits the most balls wins. Fuwa then reminds Yuugi of the promise he made earlier. He hopes that through this game he will draw out Yuugi’s true form.

So Fuwa continues to strike Yuugi with the balls until Yuugi falls to his knees. Suddenly, Jounouchi and the others burst into the room. Jounouchi runs to Yuugi’s side and yells at Fuwa for his act. Jounouchi climbs on top of the billards table, ready to fight Fuwa. However, the table breaks, causing Jounouchi to fall over. Honda picks up a mop and swings it at Fuwa, but he ends up hitting the lights instead. The lights fall break and fall on top of Honda. Fuwa tells everyone that he’s protected by his good luck. Jounouchi and Honda can’t even touch him! Anzu and Miho get angry at Fuwa. Miho can’t believe Fuwa is acting this way; she always thought he was nice. Fuwa says they are lucky he let them hang out with him.

The scene changes to Yuugi’s house. Anzu and Miho are trying to fix Yuugi up. Suddenly, Honda notices a letter from the local TV station sitting on Yuugi’s desk. Yuugi assumes Grandpa left it for him. He asks Honda to read it. Honda looks at it and finds out it’s a letter requesting for Yuugi to appear on the Game Show. They want Yuugi to challenge Fuwa. Jounouchi asks Yuugi to let him challenge Fuwa instead. He wants revenge for all the things Fuwa has done. Plus, if he wins, he can repay back his father’s debt.

The Game Show begins. The host introduces Yuugi, a student from Domino High School, to the show. However, when the host points to the table, we see Jounouchi sitting there. As the crowd cheers, Jounouchi thinks it’s kind of embarrassing since he’s not really Yuugi. Then the host introduces the returning champion, Fuwa. Fuwa notices Yuugi sent Jounouchi as a replacement. However, it doesn’t matter to him. The outcome will be the same as always. The host then introduces the game the two players will be playing: Electric Concentration. The player who gets the most cards from the concentration board wins. However, there is one Joker card. If a player gets that, he has to forfeit all of his cards to the other player.

Jounouchi goes first. He selects two spaces on the board, but they don’t match. It’s Fuwa’s turn. He selects two spaces, resulting in a match. Suddenly, Jounouchi gets shocked. Honda wonders what’s wrong. The host mentions that if a player gets a match, the other player will receive a mild shock. It’s Fuwa’s turn again. He selects another two cards. He’s correct again, and Jounouchi receives another shock. Fuwa continues to match the pairs until there’s no more spaces left. Fuwa wins on his first try!

When the game is over, Yuugi and the others ask Jounouchi if he’s okay. Honda mentions that Fuwa isn’t human. Fuwa suddenly opens the door stating he’s a god. He mocks Jounouchi for trying to win money to pay off his father’s debt. Jounouchi gets mad and slowly approaches Fuwa, but he’s too weak to fight. Yuugi tells Fuwa he’s being really mean. Fuwa says he just wants Yuugi to play a game with him. Fuwa then kicks Yuugi hard in the face. Yuugi falls to the ground, and Fuwa rubs his shoe on Yuugi’s head. Fuwa wonders if Yuugi’s other form will show up or not.

Suddenly, Yuugi’s Millenium Puzzle glows. Before Fuwa can leave, Yami Yuugi calls out to him and says it’s game time. Fuwa notices Yuugi acting different. He wonders if this is Yuugi’s other form. Yuugi says they will be playing the same game as before, Electric Concentration. However, the electric shock will be more powerful, and they will continue to take turns even if a player receives a match. Fuwa agrees to the rules. He selects two spots on the board and gets a match. Yuugi receives the shock. Then Yuugi selects two spaces on the board, but he doesn’t get anything. Fuwa picks another two spots, getting another match. Yuugi gets shocked again. Yuugi then picks the same two spaces as before and doesn’t get anything again. Fuwa wonders what Yuugi is doing. Fuwa gets another match, and Yuugi makes his third turn by selecting the same two spaces as before.

Suddenly, the power goes off. Fuwa thinks all of that electricity must have made the power blow. The backup power activates, and the game continues. Fuwa can’t believe Yuugi still wants to continue since there are only five cards left. Fuwa selects one space and notices it matches a space Yuugi kept on picking. So he picks the space he suspects is the same, but it turns out to be a Joker! Fuwa is shocked by the result. He suddenly realizes that the spaces were switched around when the electricity went out. That’s what Yuugi was after this whole time! Yuugi grins. Now that Fuwa chose the Joker space, all of the cards belong to Yuugi. Plus, Fuwa gets a big electric shock. The electric shock surges through Fuwa’s body, and he falls to the ground. Yuugi wins.

At Yuugi’s house, Yuugi and his friends are watching the Game Show on TV. Fuwa and the challenger are playing a game of Electric Roulette. Fuwa ends up getting a 1, losing the game. His champion record has been broken. Yuugi and the others are surprised by the outcome. Yuugi thinks Fuwa has lost his luck.



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