Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1

S1-03 Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

Season 1- 03 – Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

“The Lost Exodia” (失われしエクゾディア)
Aired Japan: May 5, 2000
Aired USA: October 6, 2001

ScreenShot: 03: Journey to the Duelist Kingdom Joey gets a tape from his sister, Serenity, who he knew only for a short time as a kid. She has an eye disorder, but their dad can’t pay for surgery to fix it. Joey vows to help her by winning the Duel Monsters tournament. When he talks to Yugi about Dueling, he hides the fact about why. Yugi decides not to help. But then, when he tries to sneak onto the ship bound for the Duelist Kingdom (the island where the tournament is held), Yugi gives him one of his two starting Dueling Stars, which show how many wins each Duelist has had. Each one starts with two, but they can give one out if they want to. If you lose all of your stars, you are eliminated. The first two to get ten stars compete in the final round.

Tristan and Taya sneak on board, by hiding in a box of cargo. While on board, they think they see a kid from their school, but aren’t sure. Meanwhile, Rex (the loser to Weevil from last week’s tournament) is challenged by Mai, a Duelist who seems to have the ability to predict what card she will draw from her deck. The winner keeps Rex’s fancy room, which he got for making it to the final round last week. Mai wins, and Rex gets booted out.

Meanwhile, Joey and Yugi are trading with other Duelists to strengthen their decks. Weevil shows up, and throws Yugi’s Exodia cards oberboard. Joey, who thinks that if Yugi wins, he will help pay for his sister’s surgery, dives overboard and begins retrieving the cards. Yugi dives in after him. When Tristan and Taya pull them up, Joey only got two of the Exodia cards. He then explains about his sister, and Yugi says he’s sorry.

He remembered how he and Joey became friends. At first, Joey picked on Yugi, along with Tristan, but then Yugi helped Joey settle some other issues, and they became friends.

Almost to the Duelist Kingdom, the two begin to discuss strategy.


ScreenShot: Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

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