Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-52 The Past is Present

Season 2-52 – The Past is Present
(aka: The Past is Prologue)

“The Pharaoh’s Lost Memories” (失われた王の記憶)
Aired Japan: April 24, 2001
Aired USA: Nov 23, 2002

ScreenShot: The Past is PresentA plane arrives at an airport. A woman of the name Ishizu Ishtar arrives at the gate. Around her neck is a necklace with a Millennium symbol on it (could it be another Millennium item?). Several officials welcome Ishizu to Domino City, and they assure her that her ancient Egyptian artifacts that she transported to the museum are secured with extra security. Ishizu reveals the security plans to the officials, and they are in shock, since they never told her about the plans. Ishizu tells them that their security is fine, and then she walks on down to the museum to set up her exhibits.

Yugi is thinking about the recent event where he almost lost the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. The light turns green, and Yugi walks down a street. Téa notices Yugi walking, and she calls out to him. She tries to catch up to him, but the light has turned red, preventing her from doing so. Suddenly, some TVs in a nearby store switch on, and Ishizu advertises her new exhibit about Egyptian games and how they were used for power. The world might have been destroyed by the use of these games! Kaiba and Mokuba are also watching Ishizu speak. Mokuba asks Kaiba if he is going to check out the museum, but Kaiba replies that he is too busy running a company. He suddenly receives a phone call from Ishizu. Ishizu tells him to carefully watch the TV, leaving Kaiba surprised at how she even knew he wasn’t paying attention. She personally invites Kaiba to come down to the exhibition, since what he will see will change his life forever.

So Kaiba takes a trip to the Domino Museum in his limo. When he arrives, he orders the driver to keep the engine running. Kaiba walks into the museum, and Ishizu greets him. He notices that no other guests are in the museum, and Ishizu states that he was the only one invited. Kaiba is already getting bored. Ishizu tells him that he can leave anytime he wants, but it is in his best interest to stay. So Kaiba decides to stay for a while, and Ishizu leads him down a secret hallway. Meanwhile, Ishizu asks Kaiba if he believes in destiny. Kaiba doesn’t believe in what he calls “nonsense”, and he demands to know why Ishizu brought him here. Over the phone, Ishizu told him that she possesses a card more powerful than Exodia, but he thinks that there is no such thing. Ishizu begins by saying that 5000 years ago, Egyptians began the origin of duel monsters. Pegasus cared about this, so he recreated it for modern time; however, there were three cards that he never released. Then she asks Kaiba to follow her.

ScreenShot: The Past is PresentIt’s nighttime, and back at the game store, Yugi thinks about how he almost lost the Millennium Puzzle. He knows someone is after the puzzle, and that he could be in more danger than ever. Yami agrees, but knows that he and Yugi can get through it together. Meanwhile, Téa is having a bad dream. She’s in a desert filled with ancient ruins. She sees Yugi walking up a flight of stairs and into a door. She calls out for him, but he ignores her. She then suddenly wakes up.

Back in the museum, Ishizu leads Kaiba to what seems to be a basement where her secretive carvings are hidden. She leads Kaiba to a stone tablet and switches on the light. The carving reveals different duel monsters in the carvings. Kaiba is surprised by this, and assumes that Ishizu’s story must be true. Ishizu adds on that Egyptians used these monsters for evil purposes. However, the monsters could not be controlled and eventually began destroying the earth. The Pharaoh was turned to help, and the Pharaoh, although unable to permanently destroy the monsters, trapped them into stone tablets. Unfortunately, evil sorcerers discovered the power to release these monsters, and Egypt ended up in an all out war.

Ishizu then leads Kaiba to another stone carving. She tells Kaiba that after looking at the carving, his life will change. Kaiba examines the carving and notices that the Pharaoh looks exactly like Yugi. The monster carved above is the Dark Magician! To the left is the sorcerer, which resembles Kaiba. His monter is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Ishizu reads out the hieroglyphics. It says that the Sorcerer challenged the Pharaoh to a duel, and the battle began with the world at stake. 5000 years later, this exact battle is being played out again.

Kaiba does not believe anything that Ishizu says. Ishizu thinks that Kaiba needs a look at the past, so she uses the power of her Millennium Necklace (yes, the thing around her neck is a Millennium item!) to do that. So Kaiba witnesses the battle between the Pharaoh and the Sorcerer at first hand. The Sorcerer challenges the Pharaoh to a duel. A chant begins, and it releases a monster that was trapped in a stone tablet. One of the Pharaoh’s loyal servants does the dueling. He releases a monster from a stone tablet and uses it to destroy his opponent’s monster.

Meanwhile, Yugi continues to think of what happened. He’s worried that he might mess up again, since he almost lost the Millennium Puzzle. Yami explains to Yugi that he needs to believe in himself. He says that Yugi is very brave and that there’s a reason why he and Yugi were brought together. At the museum, Ishizu explains that Sorcerer and the Pharaoh continued to summon powerful monsters. The winner was written on the carving, but unfortunately it has been worn away. Kaiba is beginning to understand. Ishizu decides to take a look at the past again using her Millenium Necklace. The Pharaoh’s servant continues the battle. He summons another monster from a stone tablet, and uses the power of fusion to combine them into one powerful beast. The new monster destroys another one of the Sorcerer’s monsters. The Sorcerer swears that he has not been defeated yet, and that he will proclaim victory in the end. Kaiba doesn’t believe that the Sorcerer resembles him in any way. So Ishizu decides to show Kaiba one last vision.

With all of the Sorcerer’s monsters gone, the Sorcerer decides to call out his ultimate beast. He sacrifices two of his monsters to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Blue-Eyes destroys all of its opponent’s monsters with its White Lightning attack. Kaiba is shocked that the Sorcerer has Blue-Eyes. Ishizu explains that destiny is repeating itself again, and that him and Yugi have battled in the past. Kaiba still doesn’t believe any of it, and he begins to walk away. Ishizu gets Kaiba’s attention again by telling him that there are cards that surpass the power of Exodia. She points to the top of the carving, revealing the three Egyptian Gods: Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra. She states that anyone who possesses all three monsters can control the world. Pegasus turned them into duel monster cards, but never used them, for he feared their power. So Pegasus handed the cards over to Ishizu for safe keeping. Ishizu had the cards buried deep into the ground, but they were eventually discovered.

Kaiba wants to obtain all three cards so that he has the power to defeat Yugi. He demands to know who took the cards, and Ishizu’s reply is the Rare Hunters. The Rare Hunters are group of thugs who steal cards to sell on the market, while keeping the rare ones to themselves. So Ishizu asks Kaiba to assemble a Duel Monsters tournament, which will attract the Rare Hunters and bring out the Egyptian God cards. Then Ishizu hands him one of the Egyptian God cards: Obelisk the Tormentor. She tells Kaiba that he can borrow it for the tournament. Kaiba accepts the card, but doesn’t think he’ll be returning it anytime soon. He tells Ishizu that he will organize the tournament, but only to reclaim his title as the #1 Duel Monsters Champion.

Meanwhile, Yugi is trying to figure out who their opponent is. He thinks that his opponent must have one of the Millenium items, which is how he is able to control people’s minds. Since their opponent also has knowledge about the ancient past, he must be connected to it somehow. Yugi is really worried, but Yami assures him that they can defeat him together. Kaiba is in his limo, driving back to Kaiba Corp.

He grins at the card Ishizu gave him, and says, “One card down and two more to go.”


The Past is Present screenshot

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