Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-68 Legendary Fisherman, Part 1

Season 2-68 – Legendary Fisherman, Part 1

“Invisible Enemy – Sea Stealth II” (見えない敵 シーステルスII)
Aired Japan: August 14, 2001
Aired USA: Mar 22, 2003

ScreenShot: 68: Legendary Fisherman (1) Yugi senses that his friends are in danger, and he must find them before Marik does. Suddenly, Yugi is confronted by two Rare Hunters, who have been ordered to duel Yugi. The Rare Hunters won’t let Yugi pass until they have dueled. Yugi, who is angry at the moment, swears that he will get passed them. The Rare Hunters play several games of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who gets to duel Yugi, but their games always end up in a draw. Yugi is getting more frustrated by the moment. The Rare Hunters tell Yugi that only one of them can duel him at a time. Suddenly, Kaiba steps in and states that he and Yugi will take on the Rare Hunters at the same time. The Rare Hunters accept Kaiba’s challenge because they will have the chance to win both Egyptian God cards at the same time. Kaiba tells them that they won’t win, even though it’s true that the loser must hand over their rarest card and locator card. He then tells Yugi that they will duel next, and Yugi replies, “We’ll see.”

The duel begins, and Kaiba is the first to go. Kaiba says that this won’t take very long. He draws and plays Pot of Greed, allowing him to draw two new cards. Then Kaiba summons Lord of Dragons in attack mode. Afterwards, Kaiba equips two Flute of Summoning Dragons to Lord of Dragons. This allows Kaiba to summon up to four dragons in the same turn! So Kaiba summons his three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and Hyozanryu. Fortunately for the Rare Hunters, Kaiba’s dragons cannot attack this turn. Kaiba says that this duel will be over soon, and Yugi is content by that, since he must find his friends. One of the Rare Hunters draws a card and sets a monster in defense mode. Yugi’s turn begins. He places two cards face down. Kaiba asks if that’s the best he can do. If so, Kaiba can’t wait to duel Yugi next. Yugi tells Kaiba that he must first make sure his friends are safe. Continuing with his move, Yugi summons Kuriboh in defense mode. That ends his turn. The second Rare Hunter’s turn begins. He draws Mirror Force. Knowing that this card can help him, he sets it face down onto the field, and then sets a monster in defense.

Kaiba’s turn begins once again. He says that the Rare Hunter’s trap will not work. Kaiba sacrifices his three Blue-Eyes White Dragons to summon his Egyptian God card, Obelisk the Tormentor. The all mighty beast arrives, and now the two Rare Hunters are scared in their tracks. Next, Kaiba sacrifices two more of his monsters to increase Obelisk’s strength infinitely. Obelisk’s special ability allows Obelisk to destroy all of its opponents’ monsters. With the Rare Hunters defenseless, Obelisk attacks. One of the Rare Hunters activates Mirror Force, but the trap doesn’t work. Obelisk’s attack goes through, and the Rare Hunters life points drop to 0.

Yugi appreciates Kaiba’s help. Now he must find his friends. He runs over to the Rare Hunter and demands to know where they are at, but the Rare Hunter doesn’t respond. Kaiba tosses Yugi’s prized locater card at him. Yugi thanks Kaiba and then runs off to locate his friends. Kaiba calls off to Yugi. Yugi tells Kaiba that he won’t duel him now. Kaiba tells Mokuba to track down Joey’s duel disk, since Yugi’s friends must be in the same place where Joey is at. Yugi thanks Kaiba for his support. Kaiba says that he will help Yugi find his friends, but afterwards they will duel. When Yugi, Kaiba, and Mokuba are gone, the Rare Hunters get back onto their feet. They are pleased that their plan has worked because now all of Yugi’s friends will be together.

Meanwhile, Mako Tsunami has just caught himself a net full of fish. However, he slips and falls into the tank of water. Mako looks underwater and sees a whale. The whale picks Mako up and rises him over the water. A woman nearby asks Mako what he’s doing. Mako tells her that he was just trying to catch his lunch when the whale attacked him. The woman tells him that this is an aquarium and he’s stealing the whale’s lunch! Mako apologizes and states that he was just trying to catch his daily meal. The woman orders him to leave before he is a meal. Suddenly, the woman loses energy and falls over. Mako jumps out of the tank and catches her just in time. He finds out that the woman is burning up. The woman wonders what will happen with the Ocean World Show, since she has to be in it. Mako tells her that she cannot perform in the condition she is in. The woman says that she is the only one that the whales will obey. Mako says that he is one with the sea and all the creatures that inhabit it.

Marik is still riding on his motorcycle towards his designated location. Soon he will be at the center of Battle City and the power of the Pharaoh will belong to him! Dark Bakura detects another dark energy, similar to the one from Bandit Keith. Plus his Millenium Ring detects another Millenium item approaching. Bakura tells himself that he will soon add it to his collection and possess all seven items. Suddenly, he hears someone call out for him. It’s Téa, and she, Joey, Tristan, and Grandpa run up to him. Bakura asks them how the tournament is progressing. Joey replies that he has four locater cards now. All he needs are two more and he’s in the finals! Bakura then asks them where Yugi is at. Téa says that they are still trying to find him. Joey thinks he out there somewhere defeating all kinds of duelists. He thinks it would be awesome for him and Yugi to make it to the finals and duel against each other. Tristan thinks Joey is just getting ahead of himself. Joey agrees and says that he must first win two locater cards. Téa suddenly sees a poster that’s advertising Mako Tsunami. He should be dueling, not putting on a show! Joey thinks this would be perfect opportunity to win some locater cards, so he and the group run off to find him.

Joey, Tristan, Téa, and Grandpa run to the aquarium. They see Mako riding a whale. More Rare Hunters, who have been trailing Yugi’s friends, arrive to watch Mako and the show. Mako performs several tricks with the whale, and the audience clap for him. Joey calls out for Mako. Mako turns around and greets them. Téa thought Mako would be dueling. Mako says that he is dueling, but his talents were needed with the show. Joey challenges Mako to a duel. Mako holds up his four locater cards, and Joey does the same. Mako is impressed with Joey’s achievements and accepts the duel. They will duel in front of the entire crowd. The audience is excited that a new duel will begin. Joey and Mako put up two locater cards. The winner will head directly to the finals. So Joey and Mako activate their duel disks, and the duel begins.

Joey goes first. He draws a card and does a crazy dance, thinking that what he drew is something good. The others think Joey has lost it. Joey looks at his hand and finds out that he drew the Parasite Paracide card from his duel with Weevil. He forgot to take it out of his deck! Joey is taking a long time with his move, making Mako impatient. He tells Joey that he will allow Joey to back out if he’s scared, but Joey declines. Joey sets the Parasite card in face down defense, hoping it will affect Mako’s monsters, and then he ends his turn.

ScreenShot: 68: Legendary Fisherman (1)Mako begins his turn and summons the Flying Fish. Flying Fish attacks and destroys Parasite Paracide. Joey is surprised that his monster’s ability didn’t work. Mako explains that his monster was stronger than Joey’s Parasite, so Joey just wasted his first turn. Téa hopes Joey gets his act together, since the duel is getting too embarrassing for her to watch. Joey’s turn begins again, and he sets a monster in face down defense again. He tells Mako that he has a plan. Mako says that he will be ready for Joey’s strategy. Mako’s turn begins again. He just sets a card face down on the field and ends. Mako waits for Joey’s strategy. So Joey draws a card. He sacrifices his face down monster to summon Garoozis. To counter, Mako activates Torrential Tribute. A torrent of water hits Joey. Joey acts like he’s going to drown from it, and Mako says that he’s the most dramatic opponent ever.

Meanwhile, Marik is still on the road. He tells his Rare Hunters to keep an eye on Yugi’s friends, since he will be needing them very shortly. Marik turns into an alley. He sees a person standing at the end of the alley and comes to a complete stop. That person is Bakura! Bakura shows off his Millennium Ring to Marik and orders him to hand over the Millennium Rod. Marik wants to know why Bakura wants it. Bakura replies that he’s a collector, and once he possesses all seven Millennium items, he will be able to control the world. Marik knows that Bakura has knowledge of the ancient scriptures. Fortunately, Bakura doesn’t know everything, for the one who has the power of the Pharaoh himself has more power than all Millennium items combined. Marik introduces himself to Bakura. He has no problem with giving the Millennium Rod to Bakura, but Bakura must first do something for him. Marik says that he also is a collector, and once he has everything that he wants, the Millennium Rod will mean nothing to him. Bakura asks why he should help. He could just take Marik’s item by force! Marik explains that he knows where other Millennium items are at including the Millennium Necklace. Bakura likes this and agrees to help Marik. Together, no one will be able to stop them!

The duel between Joey and Mako continues. Torrential Tribute destroyed Garrozis. Mako’s Flying Fish attacks Joey directly, causing Joey to lose 800 life points. Then Mako places one card face down on the field and ends his turn. Mako exclaims that he will show no mercy. He explains that he has been searching for his father for a long time across the sea. Every time Mako crosses the mighty ocean, he becomes stronger and is completely determined to find his father. Mako states that he faces each of his dueling opponents with that same determination and duels in honor of his father. Even though his father isn’t with him, he still gives Mako strength and inspiration. Joey says that his sister Serenity also inspires him. The crowd cheers for both of them.

Joey’s turn begins. He summons Alligator Sword in attack mode. Then he places two cards face down and ends. Mako thinks he might have underestimated Joey. Joey is more determined than he thought. However, Mako still plans to show no mercy. He sacrifices his Flying Fish to summon Amphibian Beast. Amphibian beast attacks, but Joey activates Fairy Box, which hides Alligator Sword in it. Mako is impressed, but he plays the field Magic card, Umi. Umi covers the entire field with water. It’s only a matter of time until Alligator Sword has to come up for air. When it does, Amphibian Beast attacks. However, Joey isn’t ready to give in yet. He activates his Trap card Skull Dice. The dice lands on a four, bringing Mako’s monster down to 650. So Alligator Sword destroys Amphibian Beast, and Mako’s life points drop to 3300. Mako tells Joey that he’s a worthy opponent, and Joey says the same about Mako. However, Mako states that the sea contains many powerful monsters. He has a secret weapon ready to destroy Joey, and it lies in his powerful Ocean deck.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Pot of Greed
Lord of Dragons – 1200/1100
Flute of Summoning Dragon – Magic
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3 – 3000/2500
Hyozanryu – 2100/2800
Obelisk the Tormentor

Kuriboh – 300/200

Mirror Force – Trap

Parasite Paracide – 500/300
Garoozis – 1800/1500
Alligator Sword – 1500/1200
Fairy Box – Trap
Skull Dice – Trap

Flying Fish – 800/500
Torrential Tribute – Trap
Amphibian Beast – 2400/2000



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