Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-69 Legendary Fisherman, Part 2

Season 2-69 – Legendary Fisherman, Part 2

“The Legendary Fisherman” (伝説のフィッシャーマン)
Aired Japan: August 21, 2001
Aired USA: Mar 29, 2003

ScreenShot: 69: Legendary Fisherman (2) The duel between Joey and Mako continues. So far, Joey has 3200 life points, and Mako has 3300 life points. Joey tells Mako that he has no monsters on the field, so his Alligator Sword can directly hit him. Mako replies back that his ocean field gives him the upper hand in the duel. Joey isn’t afraid of a few drops of water. His turn begins, and he starts by drawing. Drawing Polymerization, Joey has a plan that will knock off a chunk out of Mako’s life points. Joey summons Baby Dragon in attack mode. Mako mocks Joey’s monster and says that he should get a life preserver for it. Joey isn’t worried because he plans on fusing his monsters together. He activates Polymerization, fusing the two monsters into Alligator Sword Dragon. Mako states that Joey’s monster cannot attack until next turn. Joey knows that and plans to destroy Mako’s life points next turn.

Mako begins his turn. He starts off by summoning a monster under the water. Joey tells Mako to show his monster, but Mako says that his monster will appear when the time is right. Tristan states that Joey is in trouble if he cannot figure out what Mako’s monsters are. Téa agrees. Joey is worried because Mako could have summoned anything. He doesn’t even know if it’s in attack or defense mode! Mako ends his turn. Joey begins his and starts off by having his dragon fly into the air. Because Mako’s monster is underwater, it cannot protect Mako from direct attacks, so Alligator Sword Dragon knocks off 1700 points from Mako’s score, reducing it down to 1600. Joey grins and says that Mako is all washed up. Mako replies, “Never!” Mako recalls the time where the ocean took away his father. Mako is angry now and tells Joey never to underestimate the sea’s strength.

Mako summons another monster underwater and ends his turn. All Joey has to do is hit Mako one more time with a direct attack and he wins. So Joey has Alligator Sword Dragon attack Mako’s life points. However, Mako has a surprise for Joey. He activates his Trap card, Tornado Wall. Tornado Wall creates giant pillars of water that blocks all of Joey’s attacks. Tornado Wall is using up all the water from Umi to block Joey’s attacks. Joey tells Mako to call off his Tornado Wall and bring back the water. So Mako’s Tornado Wall ceases, and Umi’s effect takes place again. Mako then begins his turn. He sacrifices his hidden monster to summon an even stronger one under the water. Joey is a bit shaken because he doesn’t even know what Mako’s monsters are! He demands to know what Mako is hiding, so Mako decides to reveal his rarest monster. The Legendary Fisherman pops out from the water. Joey activates his Magic card, Energy Drain. This handy Magic card allows Alligator Sword Dragon reduce Mako’s monster’s attack points down to 0. However, the power of Umi protects The Legendary Fisherman. The Legendary Fisherman strikes back, destroying Joey’s monster. Joey is now down to 3050 life points. Joey is confused since his monster was suppose to destroy Mako’s monster. Mako states that as long as Umi is in play, his monsters are protected by all Magic cards. So Joey sets a monster in face down defense and ends his turn.

Mako draws a card. Then he orders Legendary Fisherman to destroy Joey’s monster. The Legendary Fisherman, while underwater, attacks and destroys Joey’s face down monster, Tiny Guardian. Joey wonders if The Legendary Fisherman is ever going to show itself, since it’s hiding under the water like a coward. Mako states that his monster is very brave. He has his monster rise to the surface. It stares at Joey, and Joey says that it kind of looks like Mako. Mako states that The Legendary Fisherman resembles his father. He tells the story about how the ocean took away his father after his father tied him to the boat. Mako says that the ocean can be very violent, but it can also be very calm. After the stormed past, his father was gone. However, he realized that the life boat was missing, so he knew his father escaped. Day after day, Mako waited for his father to return. He even built a monument to guide his father home. Years passed, and Mako’s father still never returned. His father taught him to never give up, so Mako never did. No matter what the weather situation was, Mako still looked out for his father. After what seemed to be a long time, Mako received a package containing a letter and a Duel Monsters card. The card was The Legendary Fisherman, and the letter said, “Don’t give up.” So now Mako duels in the name of his father. His Legendary Fisherman reminds Mako to never give up, just like his father taught him.

When Mako is done telling his story, the duel continues. Joey says that he has a lot of respect for Mako, but he plans on winning the duel and getting into the finals. Joey starts by setting one card face down and then summoning a monster in face down defense. Mako’s turn begins and he plays Fortress Whale’s Oath, a ritual Magic card. He sacrifices two monsters and summons Fortress Whale, the strongest card in Mako’s deck.

Meanwhile, Marik and Bakura are still discussing matters in the alley. Bakura asks what he has to do in order to receive the Millennium Rod. Marik first wants to know how Bakura’s dueling skills are. Bakura tells Marik that he is a good duelist and has dueled in many shadow games. Marik isn’t surprised. He tells Bakura that he needs him to duel on his behalf. Bakura agrees, assuming he gets his payment when he’s done. Bakura then asks Marik what he plans on gaining from all of this. Marik says that he’s a collector too. His final words are, “Bring me the cards I want, and the items are yours.”

Joey stares at Mako’s Fortress Whale, a monster that’s probably ten times Joey’s size. The Umi field card boosts Fortress Whale’s attack and defense points by 200. Joey thinks he’s way over his head, and Mako agrees. First of all, Mako has The Legendary Fisherman attack Joey’s face down monster. It happens to be Rocket Warrior, and it gets destroyed instantly. Now that Joey has no more monsters defending him, Mako can do some serious damage to Joey. Fortress Whale attacks and hits Joey directly. Joey’s life points decrease to 500! The crowd goes wild. Téa tells Joey that he’s one step away from the Battle City Finals. Joey tells himself that he’ll need to summon a strong monster in order to take down Mako’s whale. Also, The Legendary Fisherman is still hiding underwater, so Joey still needs to find it before he can attack it. Grandpa tells Joey that he just needs to believe in himself. Téa notices two shadows in the water. She thinks that one of those shadows must be The Legendary Fisherman that Mako hid.

Mako tells Joey to make his last move. Suddenly, the aquarium whale jumps up and splashes Joey in the face. Joey realizes that since one of the shadows belongs to the whale, then the other shadow belongs to The Legendary Fisherman. Joey found him! Now he just needs the right cards to defeat it. Joey draws a card and thinks of a strategy. After reviewing his hand and field, he knows how to destroy both of Mako’s monsters. So Joey sets two cards face down and summons Panther Warrior. Since Panther Warrior requires a sacrifice, Joey must end his turn.

Mako reminds Joey that as soon as his Fortress Whale attacks, the duel is over. So Mako calls out the attack. Joey activates his Trap card, Magic Arm Shield. He attaches this Trap card to Panther Warrior. Panther Warrior then uses the new weapon to grab onto The Legendary Fisherman. Joey plans to use The Legendary Fisherman as a shield against Fortress Whale’s attack. So Mako will end up destroying his own monster. Joey’s plan works. Fortress Whale destroys The Legendary Fisherman, and Mako’s life points drop to 900. Mako blames himself for being so careless and letting his Legendary Fisherman get destroyed. Joey says that it’s just a card. Mako replies that he needs that card in order to be brave. Joey says that Mako is one of the bravest people he knows. Mako says that the card reminds him of his father. Now that it’s been destroyed, his inspiration is gone. Joey explains to Mako that he doesn’t need that card for inspiration. Everyone has something that inspries them, and that lies in the duelist’s heart. Joey says that his sister Serenity inspires him everyday, and even though she isn’t next to him, he duels for her all the time.

ScreenShot: 69: Legendary Fisherman (2)Mako wipes his tears away and orders Fortress Whale to attack Panther Warrior. Joey stops the attack by activating Kunai with Chain. This raises his Panther Warrior’s attack points by 500. Mako tells Joey that it still cannot destroy Fortress Whale because Fortress Whale still has more attack points (50 more points). Joey tells Mako about his other face down card. He flips it over, and it happens to be Lightning Blade. This raises Panther Warrior’s attack strength by 800, more then enough to destroy Fortress Whale. Panther Warrior attacks and destroys Fortress Whale. Mako’s life points drop to 150. Tristan, Téa, and Grandpa cheer for Joey’s victory. Without any monsters left, Joey asks Mako if he has any last words. Mako says, “This duel is not over yet.” He plays Return from the Doomed to bring back one of his monsters and hide it underwater.

Joey draws a card. It’s Giant Trunade! He could use it to wipe out destroy all of the ocean water that’s covering Mako’s monster. This would also lower that monster’s attack strength (remember that Umi gives each of Mako’s monsters a power boost). So Joey plays Giant Trunade. The ocean water is swept away, and The Legendary Fisherman is exposed. Joey then plays Scapegoat. He sacrifices one of them so that Panther Warrior can attack. Panther Warrior attacks and destroys The Legendary Fisherman. Mako’s life points drop to 0. Joey is the winner.

More tears roll down Mako’s face. Joey asks Mako if he’s all right. Mako wipes away his tears and tells Joey that they played an excellent duel. Mako hands over his Legendary Fisherman and Fortress Whale cards plus two locator cards to Joey. Joey tells Mako that he doesn’t need The Legendary Fisherman, but Mako insists that Joey takes it. He tells Joey that he was right. He doesn’t need a card to remind him of his father. That inspiration will always stay in his heart. Joey thanks Mako for his kindness, and the two friends shake hands.

Meanwhile, Kaiba has just been reported the location of Joey and his friends. Yugi asks Kaiba where they are at. Kaiba says that he will give Yugi the information as long as Yugi agrees to duel him. Yugi exclaims to Kaiba, “That’s enough!” Yugi must first make sure his friends are safe, and he has already accepted Kaiba’s challenge. So Kaiba decides to lead Yugi to Joey’s location. Yugi just hopes that they aren’t too late.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Alligator Sword – 1500/1200
Baby Dragon – 1200/700
Alligator Sword Dragon – 1700/1500
Energy Drain – Magic
Tiny Guardian – 1400/1800
Rocket Warrior – 1500/1300
Panther Warrior – 2000/1600
Magic Arm Shield – Trap
Kunai with Chain – Trap
Lightning Blade – Magic

Umi – Magic
Tornado Wall – Trap
The Legendary Fisherman – 1850/1600
Fortress Whale’s Oath – Magic
Fortress Whale – 2350/2150
Return from the Doomed – Magic


Legendary Fisherman, Part 2

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