Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-74 The Rescue

Season 2-74 – The Rescue

“Bonds” (絆)
Aired Japan: September 25, 2001
Aired USA: June 14, 2003

ScreenShot: 74: The Rescue The Battle City tournament continues. Two duelists, who are dueling each other, end up blocking the road of a car who wants to get past. The guy in the car gets frustrated, since he can’t get to work. A police officer tells him that a whole section of Battle City has been blocked off for Kaiba’s Duel Monsters Tournament. The guy finds it absurd, but he ends up moving his car in reverse. When he does, a hologram of a monster appears in front of him and gives him a scare.

Meanwhile, Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba continue their way to the location where Marik is keeping Yugi’s friends. Mokuba reports that they are almost there. He knows exactly where Téa is at, and Joey shouldn’t be too far away. Kaiba is worried about more important things, like finding the third Egyptian God card. He asks Yugi for more information about Marik, other than the fact that he leads the Rare Hunters. Yugi says that he has never seen Marik’s face before, but he does hold a Millennium Item. Kaiba doesn’t want to hear the Millennium Item nonsense again. Yugi tells Kaiba that the power is real, and he reminds Kaiba of the time where Pegasus took his soul. Kaiba tells Yugi that Pegasus was just using a cheap trick. However, Mokuba doesn’t think so. Yugi says his power from the Millennium Puzzle is very real, and he tells Kaiba that he is actually a five-thousand-year-old spirit living in the Millennium Puzzle. He also says that he was a Pharaoh back in Egypt. Kaiba can’t believe what he’s hearing. Yugi must be lying, but Ishizu told him the same thing!

Kaiba recalls the time when he met Ishizu in the Domino Museum. Ishizu showed him a tablet containing carvings of Duel Monsters. At one point of time, these monsters were real, and Egyptian Sorcerers used these monsters for power. However, these monsters eventually could not be controlled, and they terrorized Egypt. The citizens turned to the Pharaoh for help. Although the Pharaoh could not defeat and destroy the monsters, he was able to seal them away in stone tablets. Over time, evil sorcerers released the monsters from the tablets and used them to create a war across Egypt. Then Ishizu shows Kaiba a second tablet, which contains the Pharaoh and the Sorcerer, better known as Yugi and Kaiba.

Kaiba laughs and tells Yugi that he didn’t believe a single thing Ishizu said when she told him about the events. Yugi tells Kaiba that what Ishizu said is true. The events from the past are reoccurring again, and the same evil will rise to try and take over the world. Yugi knows who he must stop now. He recalls the time where he dueled the Rare Hunter with Exodia. The Rare Hunter summoned Exodia’s Head in defense mode, which triggered Yugi’s trap: Chain Destruction. The Trap card destroyed all of the Rare Hunter’s Exodia heads. Now he cannot summon Exodia. Then Yugi activated Dust Tornado to destroy the Swords of Revealing Light. With the swords gone, Yugi was free to attack. Yugi’s monsters attacked and destroyed the Rare Hunter’s life points. Soon Marik took control of the Rare Hunter’s mind and introduces himself to Yugi. Marik introduced the Egyptian God cards to Yugi and his one goal: to receive the limitless power of the Pharaoh.

The flashback ends. Mokuba tries to get the story straight. He understands that Marik wants to rule the world and needs the three Egyptian God cards to do it. That must be why Marik is going through all this trouble to get them. Kaiba thinks that the whole story is ridiculous. He tells Yugi to stop filling his brother’s mind with lies. Yugi tells Kaiba that they are not lies. Kaiba witnessed Marik’s plan first hand.

Another flashback appears. This time it’s when Strings summoned Slifer the Sky Dragon. Marik has just completed his five-card combo that makes him indestructible. Yugi falls to his knees and cries out, “Oh no.” Kaiba orders Yugi to get back on his feet. Yugi gets up and tells Marik that he will defeat him. Marik laughs and waits for Yugi’s plan. Yugi activates Brain Control to seize control of Revival Jam. The infinite loop occurs, and Strings runs out of cards to draw. He loses the duel, and Yugi gained possession to Slifer the Sky Dragon. Marik controls Strings’ mind once again to share his plan with Yugi and Kaiba. He has Rare Hunters in every corner of Battle City, and he plans to get more mind slaves. So Marik decides to use Yugi’s friends for his work.

Kaiba still thinks the whole story is ridiculous and fake. Yugi insists that Marik’s powers are very real and very dangerous. He remembers the time where he won back Joey’s Red-Eyes Black Dragon. He hands it over to Joey, but Joey tells Yugi to hold onto it. Joey tells Yugi that Yugi has always helped him out before, so it’s time that he repays back the favor. Joey knows that Red-Eyes Black Dragon will come in handy at one point in the tournament. Plus, a part of Joey will be a part of Yugi’s deck. Joey thinks it’s kind of cool that he’s helping Yugi save the world. Yugi promises to take good care of the card. Yugi and Joey shake hands, and Yugi calls Joey a “true friend”.

Mokuba reports that they are only two miles away from their destination. Yugi is glad to hear that because he can soon find Téa and Joey and get them away from Marik. Kaiba is hearing Yugi talk about Joey. Yugi tells Kaiba that Joey has become a very skilled duelist. He’s not surprised if Joey already qualified for the Battle City finals.

A flashback of Joey’s recent duels occur. With the duel between Joey and Espa Roba, Joey has activated his Magic card, Roulette Spider. The spider attaches itself to Jinzo, and then it spins Jinzo around in a circle. After a few moments, Espa Roba tells Jinzo to stop spinning. The arrow of the spider points to Reflect Bounder. Jinzo attacks Reflect Bounder. Because Reflect Bounder reflects any attack that’s directed at it, the attack gets sent back to Jinzo, and both monsters are destroyed. Espa Roba loses 1500 life points, causing him to lose the duel. Espa Roba then hands his Jinzo and locator card to Joey. The flashback transitions to the duel with Weevil. Joey draws a card. Then he places one card face down and summons Gearfried the Iron Knight.

ScreenShot: 74: The RescueThe Parasite Paracide card tries to attach itself to Gearfried, but Gearfried’s special ability prevents it from doing so. Gearfried then attacks Insect Queen’s eggs, which lowers her attack points. Weevil’s turn begins. He orders his Insect Queen to attack Gearfried, but Joey counters with his Trap card, Graverobber. Graverobber snags Eradicating Aerosol and uses it to exterminate Weevil’s monster. Gearfried attacks Weevil, and Weevil loses. Joey gains Weevil’s Insect Queen and two locator cards. The flashback finally transitions to the duel with Mako. Mako plays Return from the Doomed to summon a monster underwater. Joey then activates Giant Trunade to drain the sea and expose Mako’s monster. The Legendary Fisherman appears on the field. Joey activates Scapegoat. He sacrifices one of them to allow Panther Warrior to attack. Panther Warrior attacks and destroys The Legendary Fisherman, and Mako loses the duel. Joey gets two more locator cards, bringing his number to six. With six locator cards, he qualifies for the finals.

The flashback ends. Yugi tells his friends not to worry. He promises to set them free. Mokuba states that the Rare Hunters’ hideout is just ahead. Kaiba tells his crew to prepare to land. Yugi says that this is it. He can’t let Marik get away with this!

These are the cards used in this episode.

Note: These cards appeared in flashbacks.

Chain Destruction – Trap
Summoned Skull – 2500/1200
Alpha the Magnet Warrior – 1400/1700
Brain Control – Magic

Roulette Spider – Magic
Parasite Paracide – 500/300
Gearfried the Iron Knight – 1800/1600
Graverobber – Trap
Giant Trunade – Magic
Scapegoat – Magic
Panther Warrior – 2000/1600

Slifer the Sky Dragon – X000/X000
Revival Jam – 1500/1200
Card of Safe Return – Magic
Infinite Cards – Magic
Jam Defender – Trap

Espa Roba:
Jinzo – 2400/1500
Reflect Bounder – 1700/1000

Insect Queen – 2200/2400

Umi – Magic
The Legendary Fisherman – 1850/1600
Return from the Doomed – Magic

Rare Hunter:
Exodia the Forbidden One – 1000/1000
Swords of Revealing Light – Magic


The Rescue

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