Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2

S2-78 Friends ‘Til the End, Part 4

Season 2-78 – Friends ‘Til the End, Part 4

“Attack Me! The Fated Last Turn” (ボクを撃て!運命のラストターン)
Aired Japan: October 23, 2001
Aired USA: July 19, 2003

ScreenShot: 78: Friends 'Til the End (4) Joey holds the card he needs to destroy Yugi once and for all. As soon as he plays the card, Yugi is finished. Yugi says that won’t happen if he can free Joey first. Marik replies back that Joey won’t be set free as long as he holds the Millennium Rod. He orders Joey to play that card and win him the power he deserves. Tristan shouts out, “No!” Duke says that there must be a way they can stop the duel. Mai tells him that they can’t, otherwise Téa will get hurt. Téa tells everyone to do whatever they can and not to worry about her life. Mokuba says that they can’t interfere, or else the Rare Hunter will release the crate on her body. Kaiba tells himself that there may be a way to stop the Rare Hunters. He uses his radio to connect with headquarters.

Marik has a wide grin on his face. As soon as Joey places Meteor of Destruction, Yugi will receive 1000 points of damage, causing him to lose the duel. Then Yugi will plunge deep into the sea, and Marik will win Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Millennium Puzzle. He orders Joey to play the card now. Yugi tells Joey that he has to remember who he is. Joey holds his hand to his head. He remembers dueling at Duelist Kingdom. A flashback appears of Joey dueling Mai, Rex, the Paradox Brothers and Kaiba. Then Joey recalls the time where Mai gave Joey her entry card so that he could duel Bandit Keith. Another scene of Joey’s duel with Yugi appears. When Yugi wins the duel against Joey, he gives Joey all of the prize money for Serenity’s operation. Joey then recalls his duels in Battle City. Espa Roba, Weevil and Mako were his three opponents, and he won locator cards from all of them, qualifying him for the Battle City finals. Finally, Joey remembers the promise he made to Yugi. He promised that they would take down Marik together.

Joey comes back to his senses about who he really is. Suddenly, Marik uses his Millennium Rod to try and take over Joey’s mind again, but this time Joey fights it even harder. He shouts out that he won’t destroy Yugi since Yugi is his best friend. Yugi tells Joey to fight it. Marik is really frustrated now. He orders Joey to destroy Yugi, but Joey continues to fight Marik’s power. Yugi knows that Joey will pull through. Their friendship is strong, and Joey’s will is even stronger. Yugi just hopes that Joey can beat Marik at his own game before that anchor falls. Yugi then calls out to Marik and calls him a coward. He tells Marik that there will be a loser in the duel, but it’s now who he’s thinking. Yugi won’t lose and Joey won’t lose. It’s Marik that will lose at his own game! Marik forgot to take in account the strong bond Joey has with his friends. Since Joey has finally broke free from Marik’s spell, Marik can’t wait. After all, if Marik isn’t dueling through Joey anymore, how can he possibly be the winner of the duel?

Kaiba wonders what Yugi is doing out there. Téa shouts out to Yugi to end this duel. Yugi calls out to Marik and asks what will he do now. Will Marik just sit there and wait until the duel ends? Yugi exclaims that Joey’s mind can’t be controlled anymore. Marik is in a deep rage now. He says that everyone can be controlled. Once he forces Joey to place Meteor of Destruction, Yugi is finished. Marik uses his Millennium Rod to control Joey’s arm. Joey tries to resist Marik’s power again. So Marik exhausts all the power he can into the Millennium Rod to control Joey once again. The strong force places Joey under Marik’s control, and Joey plays Meteor of Destruction. A meteor of fire forms and heads straight for Yugi. Joey sees his friend about to get crushed from the meteor. He shouts out, “Help me please!” and breaks free from Marik’s control once again. Marik is shocked that Joey broke free. Yugi is glad that his friend finally broke free from Marik’s power. Now there’s only one thing left for him to do. Yugi activates his Trap card, Mystical Rift Panel. This special Trap card absorbs the meteor’s power. Now Yugi can choose the target for Meteor of Destruction’s attack.

Kaiba says that Yugi is in quite a predicament now. His target of choice could determine the outcome of the duel. He can either destroy Joey or destroy himself. If either of them try to escape, Téa will get crushed. But Kaiba also has a plan, and it may be there only chance. Joey finds out that he’s wearing Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle and questions Joey about it. Yugi says that he gave Joey his puzzle. He explains to Joey that Marik tried to turn Joey against him, but he ended up breaking free from Marik’s spell. The Millennium Puzzle helped Joey do that. Yugi tells Joey that he is his best friend, and no evil magic can take that away. Now Yugi has to put an end to this duel. He tells Joey to remember that they defeated Marik together.

Téa shouts out to Yugi and Joey to hurry up. Time is running out! Kaiba notices that there is only thirty seconds left until the anchor falls. He’s too late! However, a second later, one of Kaiba’s choppers appears in the open. Tristan wonders who is flying that thing, and Mokuba says that it’s remote controlled. The helicopter flies towards the crane that’s holding the crate. The Rare Hunter is about to push the button, but Kaiba takes out his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and throws it at the Rare Hunter. The card knocks the remote control out of the Rare Hunter’s hand. The Rare Hunter runs over to pick it up, but Kaiba runs over to him and knocks him out. The helicopter pulls the crane and the crate into the ocean. The crate actually happens to be a bomb. It explodes in the ocean, but nobody gets hurt. Everyone rushes over to make sure Téa is okay. Mokuba frees Téa from the chair, and Téa thanks him. Then the group runs over to Yugi and Joey.

Yugi mentions that there’s not much time left. If neither of them win, they both will be pulled into the ocean. Yugi doesn’t want that to happen. Joey wonders what Yugi is saying. Yugi says that he has decided to save Joey. Joey’s eyes open up wide. Yugi tells Joey that there’s no point in having both of them fall into the ocean, so Yugi has decided to sacrifice his life in order to save Joey’s. Joey tells Yugi that he can’t let him do this. Tears roll down Yugi’s face. Yugi says that it’s his decision. He orders Mystical Rift Panel to redirect the attack back at him. Mystical Rift Panel follows Yugi’s orders, and Yugi’s life points drop to 0. The box near Joey’s feet opens, containing the key to Joey’s escape. The timer is then reset to thirty seconds. Yugi meekly tells Joey to free himself. He only has thirty seconds to do so. Joey screams out in pain. He can’t let Yugi take the fall for this! Suddenly, Joey remembers that Meteor of Destruction has another effect. Since Yugi has Red-Eyes on the field, he can force Red-Eyes to attack him. Therefore, Joey’s life points will drop to 0, and Yugi’s key will be revealed. Joey orders Red-Eyes to attack. Red-Eyes wipes out the rest of Joey’s life points.

Joey states that Yugi saved his life so many times, so it’s his turn to save Yugi’s life. Joey says that Yugi has taught him about courage and to never give up. Meanwhile, Serenity unwraps her bandages from her face and throws them in the air. She slowly lifts open her eyes and finds out that she can see again. The timer is about to reach 0. Joey uses the chains to swing to the other side of the platform. His aim is for Yugi’s key. The timer reaches 0, and the anchor falls into the ocean. Yugi and Joey are pulled down with the anchor. Tristan tries to grab onto Joey’s hand, but he doesn’t reach him in time. Téa screams as the two boys fall underwater. Joey has managed to grab onto Yugi’s key. He uses it to unlock the shackles that contain Yugi. The two friends stare in each other’s eyes as Yugi drifts towards the surface of the ocean and Joey is pulled down to its depths.

Yugi finally makes it to the top, and Tristan dives in to help him. They notice that Joey never took his key. Tristan orders Mokuba to toss him Joey’s key so that he can save him. However, before Mokuba can do that, the group sees Serenity dive into the water. She has the key! Meanwhile, underwater, Joey tries to use his key to unlock his shackles, but it doesn’t work. He needs the other key. His last breath of air gives out. He continues to sink deeper and deeper into the ocean when he sees a figure swimming towards him. He wonders if it’s Yugi coming back for him. As the figure gets closer, he finds out that it’s Serenity. Serenity unlocks Joey from his shackles, and both of them surface the water. The group is glad that Joey and Serenity made it. Yugi happily greets his best friend, and Joey replies back, “What’s up?” Kaiba is glad that this is all over. Now he can focus on more important things, like the Battle City finals.

ScreenShot: 78: Friends 'Til the End (4)The sun begins to set. Joey apologizes to Yugi for everything he’s done. Yugi says that it’s not his fault. Joey knows that, but he almost destroyed their friendship. Yugi tells him in the end, Joey saved their friendship, and he also saved Yugi. Joey says that he had no choice. He had to try and make things right again. Ever since they have been friends, they have always looked out for each other. Joey wasn’t ready to let some Rare Hunter change that. Yugi says that it’s all okay. Joey is still angry at himself over the whole thing. Mai tells Joey to get a grip of himself. She says that he showed true courage out there, just like how he showed courage at Duelist Kingdom by dueling for his sister. Serenity saved Joey because he’s her idol. Joey doesn’t understand what kind of idol would allow his best friend be put in danger. Tristan tells Joey to stop feeling sorry for himself. He explains to him that Serenity took her bandages off because she gets her strength from him. Joey suddenly realizes that Serenity can see. Serenity nods her head. She says that she was afraid at first, but hearing her brother try to save Yugi inspired her. After she took her bandages off, Joey showed her what real courage is all about, so she made the move of diving into the ocean. Serenity continues by saying Joey has always been there for her, so this time she wanted to be there for him. She begins to cry and thinks they make a pretty good team.

Everyone is glad that the mess is finally over. Joey hands back Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle and thanks Yugi for everything. Yugi nods and thanks Joey for saving his life. Joey thinks he must be the luckiest guy in the world to have friends like this. If it weren’t for them, who knows where he would be by now? Yugi then thanks Yami for believing in him. Yugi says they make a pretty good team, but it’s nice to know that he can hold his own for awhile. Kaiba signals Mokuba to leave the scene with him. Yugi thanks Kaiba for all of his help. Kaiba says that he did what he had to do. He tells Yugi that he will see him at the Battle City finals, and then he leaves. In all of this insanity, Yugi has forgot about the Battle City finals. That could be the next place Marik strikes next. When he does, Yugi will be ready for him.

These are the cards used in this episode.

Mystical Rift Panel – Trap

Meteor of Destruction – Magic


Friends 'Til the End, Part 4

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