Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 3

S3-99 Isolated in Cyber Space, Part 1

Season 3-99 – Isolated in Cyber Space, Part 1

“Deck Master Deep Sea Warrior” (デッキマスター 深海の戦士)
Aired Japan: March 19, 2002
Aired USA: November 08, 2003

Everyone is dropped through tunnels and wakes up in a virtual world. Kaiba is with Mokuba and Tristan is with Duke, but everyone else is isolated.
Noah sends Gansley to challenge Yugi.

Because Gansley has no body of his own, he has taken the form of Deepsea Warrior, which serves as his Deck Master.

Yugi must construct his Deck from scratch by choosing from a supply of virtual cards, and Egyptian God Cards are not in the available database. (This is true for all Duels in this arc.) He also must choose each card wisely because once he chooses a card it remains in his Deck until the end of the Duel.

Going through his cards in the search for a Deck Master, Yami Yugi is about to choose “Dark Magician,” but “Kuriboh” emerges from its card on its own.
Yami Yugi protests that he didn’t choose “Kuriboh”, but Gansley declares that it cannot be changed. Yami Yugi accepts it.

Gansley boasts his knowledge of successful business practices (philosophy and warfare in the Japanese version) as he gathers extra monsters and depletes Yami Yugi’s reserves.

This proves to be more than mere talk when he meets a headstrong attack with his Deck Master ability, saving him and damaging Yami Yugi severely.
Duke and Tristan run down a hallway looking for Serenity and soon realize it is endless. Tristan attempts to break through the walls with an axe taken from a nearby suit of armor.

Joey explores the interior of a large manor.

Téa wanders through a canyon-like wasteland and is attacked by a group of Hitotsu-Me Giants.

Kaiba and Mokuba, walking down a forest path, find a virtual door. Inside the door is an image of the orphanage where they used to live.


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