New Gameboy games on the way!

Hello again. ddm_gba_box_us
I just wanted to remind everyone that Tomorrow, Feb. 12th, is the release date of Dungeon Dice Monsters for Gameboy Advance. Today I was at the mall, and I reserved a copy at EB Game Store at my local mall.

I just wanted to say, if you haven’t reserved a copy, get it now, because this game will be a sold-out-seller, just like how the cards are going hot… Also, I found out at EB today, that there is another Yu-Gi-Oh game coming out in April, called “World Wide Edition“. I’ve seen the cover of it, and the back picks of the game seems cool. It might be similar to the Enternalist Soul, but the best part is, you play with other players from across the globe!

The 3rd GBA game will release on April 15, 2003… Dungeon Dice comes out tomorrow, Feb. 12th! So get your copies now, before they are gone!


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