Joey & Pegasus Decks HAVE ARRIVED!

Hello guys! Well, I was at the mall today, and I saw the 2 new Yu-Gi-Oh! stater sets: Joey & Pegasus!!! They are finally out!!! I picked up my own copy of 1st Ed. Joey Starter! It’s pretty cool set.. There are 3 rare holos in Joey’s deck! starter_deck_box_pegasus_and_joey

Next time when I go to the mall again, I’ll try to get the Pegasus 1st Edition Starter! Where I buy my cards, is the little beanie baby/card store in the middle of the hallway at my local mall!

You can probably get them cheeper at &!

So save up! Because the price I payed for was $24.95 for the 1st Editions.. They don’t have unlimited yet… however, I don’t think I’ll ever get the Japanese Starters, because they are too dam expensive! Joey deck Japanese is like:$50+ dollars (1st Edition), and Pegasus Japanese is like over $60+ dollars!!! I didn’t quite glance at Japanese Yugi & Kaiba starters, but I believe they are somewhere around the same price as the others!

So if you are into cards, GO BUY JOEY AND PEGASUS SETS, before they go out of stock!!! They are the hot starter sets now! CYA!


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