Pokemon returns to the big screen! Watch out Yugi!

Hello guys!pokemonheroes
Well, after all the years of anime, I have been a Pokemon fan for a long time since 2000, when I got hooked into Yu-Gi-Oh! I must say that over at www.pokemon.com, there is YES, another movie coming to the big screen!!! It is the 5th movie called “Pokemon: Heroes“! If you are a Pokemon fan, be sure to check it out at the movies on May 16th release!!! That’s right, May 16th!!! Check out the website for story info and screenshots of the new movie!

You better watch out Yami Yugi, because Ash and pals is making a return dueling combat with his Pokemon pals.. this is kinda sad for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, because I have a BAD FEELING, that the 5th movie will go skyrocket like the past 4 movies had made!

However, there is a Yu-Gi-Oh! movie out on DVD, but it’s Japanese.. I hope someday 4Kids Ent. will bring it to the big screen, and kick Pokemon back down to the shadow realm…


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