2 new games released | Next TCG set

falsebound_kingdom_box_us2 Games Released: Ok guys, sorry haven’t posted in a while. I just want to let the fans know that the 2 new Konami games: Falsebound Kingdom for Gamecube and The Sacred Cards for GBA are both in stores NOW!!!

So go buy them at your local Video Gaming Store!

The prices are follow:
Sacred Cards GBA: $29.00
Falsebound Kingdom GC: $39.00

YuGiOh-DarkCrisis_boxNext TCG: As announced by UppderDeck / Konami, the next TCG expansion #9 will be called: Dark Crisis!

Some of us found out earlier about this set, so now it is official release!

The date will be sometime in mid December 2003. Visit Yugioh-Card.com for more info!


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