Konami 2004 Releases

Yugioh Beginners Pack 2004: Hello guys, long time no see. Anyway, I would like to share our news with Yugioh World! OK, I found out from Konami’s Japan Yugioh site, that there is going to be a new set release in Japan next year in Feb. 2004.308-BoosterJP

This set is called the: Yugioh DuelMonsters: Beginners Pack. What is it? Well, not much info yet, but this set will contain more card packs with other new release products for 2004 Duelists.

308 set in Japan: Also, the next expansion in Japan will be release on Nov.20, 2003. This set is called “Sky of Sanctuary” which will feature some new cards based on Japan’s 6th Yugioh season: DOOM I believe. For more info on the new expansion visit: Sky Sanctuary Konami page.

Falsebound Kingdom: Also if you have heard, Konami is releasing Falsebound Kingdom to the USA along with The Sacred Cards (DM7) in English. So if your planning to get these gifts for Christmas, save up!

These are cool items for any Yugioh fanfatic!


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