Yu-Gi-Oh! Coming to the PSP

Konami announced today that it will be bringing the popular card-battling franchise Yu-Gi-Oh! to the PSP. Though still early in development, a few screenshots have been released for the game, which show little more than what you might come to expect from a title in this series (card battling, anime characters, crazy-ass monsters, etc.)Yu-Gi-Oh! King Play

The company claims that the game will be entirely in 3D, and take advantage of the PSP’s glorious LCD screen. A few new cards are expected to appear, but other than that little information is known at this time.

Yu-Gi-Oh! King Play (working title) for the PSP is currently without an official release date, and any possibility of a North American version has not yet been outlined.

Yu-Gi-Oh! King Play Yu-Gi-Oh! King Play
Yu-Gi-Oh! King Play Yu-Gi-Oh! King Play