Armed Dragon Lv.10

The Shadow of Infinity booster packs will soon be out, and I’m sure many of you are ready to get those three Shadow Gods. for those of you who really want to get the Shadow Gods, bad idea. If you’re not, then you’ll be happy. The new packs supports Insect decks, Cyber Dragon decks, and of course the Ancient Gear Golem decks. I would give the pack a rating of 5/10 for being good, but not good enough considering that you only get 1 ultra rare card per box so you’d have to buy at least 3 booster boxes to have a chance of getting at least 2 Shadow Gods and a Cyber Laser Dragon. At the Sneak Peek, only about two Cyber Laser Dragon’s were pulled, out of almost 16 booster boxes, so if you get a Laser Dragon, do not give it up so easily. Anyway, the entire set has only about 64 cards.

The Chazz deck contains an ultra rare Armed Dragon Lv.10 which has the power to discard one card from your hand to destroy all face up monsters on your opponents side of the field. Could he replace lightning Vortex? No, but he is a cool looking card as well as a good trade card until everyone else gets him.