Three More YCS Events Are Announced!

So the UDS Invitational in Tulsa, OK from February 14th-16th was already announced, and you most likely know about the Team YCS in Las Vegas on February 22nd and 23rd. You should know about the 225th YCS in Rio de Janeiro on March 14th and 15th too. But did you hear about the location and dates of the following three all new North American YCS events?

In addition to the events listed above, three more YCS events were just announced! Here they are:

  1.  YCS Charlotte, NC (March 28th and 29th)
  2.  YCS Hartford, CT (April 18th and 19th)
  3.  YCS Pasadena, CA (May 23rd and 24th)

Duelists attending YCS Pasadena this last weekend were the first to hear about them!

These three more YCS events aren’t yet listed on the events page, but will be added some time soon.


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