Happy Thanksgiving from YuGiOh! World

Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday of thanks observed in the United States and Canada. In the U.S., the holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In Canada, where the harvest generally ends earlier in the year, the holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October.
All of us at YuGiOh! World wish you and yours the best on this day of thanks.

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a large dinner shared among friends and family. In both Canada and the United States, it is an important family gathering, and people often travel long distances to be with relations for the celebration. The Thanksgiving holiday is often a “four-day weekend” in the United States, in which Americans are given the relevant Thursday and Friday off. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated almost entirely at home, unlike the Fourth of July or Christmas, which are associated with a variety of shared public experiences (fireworks, caroling, etc.). In Canada, it is a three-day weekend, as Thanksgiving is observed on the second Monday of October every year.

Please be safe in your travels to your family’s homes and have a happy, turkey filled Thanksgiving Day!


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