Funko Pop - Yu-Gi-Oh!

NEW Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pops up for Pre-Order at the Toy Fair 2020

New Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop figure release coming soon!

Yu-Gi-Oh! fans have needed to exercise some patience when it comes to getting their fav Characters and monsters in a Funko Pop figure.. The first wave of figures dropped in June of 2018, and a Dark Magician exclusive Pop figure arrived a year later. It’s been quiet since then – until today. Funko has launched a wave of Yu-Gi-Oh! Pop figures as part of their huge New York Toy Fair 2020 lineup!

Funco Pop - Exodia

The new NY Toy Fair 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop figures are available to pre-order over at Entertainment Earth with shipping slated for May of this year..

The standard lineup looks like this:

  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – 6-inch Exodia
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Joey Wheeler
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Maximillion Pegasus
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh – Yugi Mutou

The 6-inch Exodia is a general release, but Funko is also releasing a 6-inch Obelisk at GameStop and a 6-inch Slifer the Sky Dragon at Hot Topic as exclusives in the coming months.